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The Second Congressional District is one of the most diverse regions in our nation. It is a microcosm of our country – home to not only urban and suburban, but rural areas as well. And it is our strong rural sector, with over 1,200 farms, that serves as the economic backbone of our district. Farmers in the Second Congressional District produce $367 million worth of corn, soybeans, and wheat every year that feed our families, fuel our cars, and raise our livestock.

Ensuring we have a strong agricultural sector is vital to the overall strength of our economy. We rely on farmers for everything that we do. I stand for strong federal policies that support family farmers, and ensure they are able to make the investments they need to increase their productivity and meet the nutrition and energy needs of our ever-growing population.

My agricultural priorities are:

  • Advancing sound environmental regulations that protect our nation's air and water without unduly burdening farms;
  • Ensuring USDA crop insurance and price support strategies work for farmers, and protect their investments;
  • Investing in corn and cellulosic ethanol as a source of clean and renewable energy;
  • Promoting comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform that allows for a strong agriculture labor sector;
  • Developing an international trade agenda that expands foreign markets for Illinois commodities, while protecting labor, health and safety regulations; and
  • Creating federal policies that promote investments in precision agriculture technologies, while protecting our national security and privacy.