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Constituent Service Guidebooks

Veterans Guidebook

When our service members return home, it is our duty to repay them for their service by ensuring they have access to medical care and other resources they need for a smooth transition back into civilian life. As part of these efforts, my office has created a "Veterans Resource Guide." This will provide our heroes with key information about federal, state, and community veterans programs. Download the Veterans Guidebook.

Small Business Guidebook

I've put together this guidebook to help folks here at home find the tools they need to start growing their small business. From identifying resources, to finding mentors, this guidebook will help you navigate the many avenues available to you in developing your business. Together, we can make Illinois' Second Congressional District a vital economic engine for our region and state. Download the Small Business Guidebook.

Employment Support Guidebook

The economic recession that our nation experienced in 2007 resulted in great losses for thousands of families in the 2nd Congressional District and millions of families around the country. While our economy is on the road to recovery, unemployment and underemployment remain great obstacles for families struggling to put food on the table, keep up with mortgage payments, and return to full time work after long periods without employment. This great problem reflects the work still to be done in order to restore our nation's economic stability. Please read my Employment Support and Resource Guide to learn about the different resources available to you. Download the Employment Support and Resource Guide.