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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Your State of the Union Recap from Congresswoman Robin Kelly

February 5, 2019

Congresswoman Robin Kelly released this statement following President Trump's State of the Union Address:

"Tonight, the President had an opportunity to lay out an agenda for all Americans. While many elements of his speech are deeply disturbing, I hope that we can find ways to work with the White House and Senate to deliver real results for the American people.

As with all things concerning President Trump, the question isn't ‘what he said,' rather ‘is that what he's going to do?' We'll have to wait and see……


Ending HIV/AIDS by 2030

"The HIV/AIDS epidemic has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color. As the CBC Health Braintrust Chair, I hope to work with this Administration to end AIDS in our lifetime with a bold, aggressive, inclusive and science-based strategy."

Criminal Justice Reform

"In the 115th Congress, Democrats and Republicans came together and passed a first step toward reforming our broken criminal justice system. I hope the President retains his commitment to working with Congress on real and lasting reforms."


Cutting, running and leaving our allies high and dry

"Like many Americans, I want to see an end to the endless wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East. However, the President's plan is not a strategic withdrawal; it's a gift to dangerous individuals, organizations and foreign powers looking to expand their influence. It also leaves our allies high and dry while questioning America's commitment to security."

A Half-Hearted Call for Addressing Opioids, Drugs and Addiction

"Since the campaign, President Trump has talked a good game on the growing opioid crisis. However, he has made no progress and instead, put this on the back burner. The bills passed by the Republican-controlled 115th Congress provide none of the necessary funding or increased access to care to address this crisis. It's time to stop re-reading talking points and get serious about the opioid crisis."



The Vain Trump Border Wall

"Instead of working to heal the wounds of the needless Trump Shutdown, the President returned to form and demonized immigrants. His ugly rhetoric defies who we are as a country. The American people are clear, they do not want a Trump border wall; what they want is the sensible and smart border security plan offered by House Democrats."

A Call to End Investigations?

"With himself, his family, his Administration, his campaign, his business entities and, now, his inaugural committee under investigation, it's laughable that President Trump would stand in the People's House and threaten that peace is impossible with ongoing investigations. Really?"

Continued Attacks on Women's Health

"…..really….it's 2019."