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Congresswoman Kelly’s statement on the disgraceful mob violence at the U.S. Capitol

February 25, 2021

Originally released on January 6, 2021

Congresswoman Robin Kelly released this statement on the shameful mob violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol today.

"What we witnessed today was an assault on our democracy. But let's be clear — violent mobs attacking and desecrating our Capitol was not the most disgraceful or frightening part of January 6. It was the shameful sight of a failed president inciting those mobs in a pathetic attempt to overthrow our government as his last desperate attempt to cling to power. The time has come to look deep within our collective psyche to determine how a man willing to destroy our nation was enabled for so long. Donald Trump sought to carry this nation to the brink. But he failed. Our democracy still stands strong. Now it's our responsibility as citizens to help fulfill the promise of America and create a government that works for all the people."