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Congresswoman Kelly’s Statement on the acquittal of Donald Trump

February 25, 2021

Originally released on February 14, 2021

Congresswoman Kelly released the following statement on the Senate's vote to acquit Donald Trump:

Senate Republicans' failure to hold Donald Trump accountable for inciting a violent insurrection in an unprecedented attempt to overthrow our Democracy is a grave indictment of their cowardice and complicity.

I salute the impeachment managers who did an excellent job in laying out the facts. Those watching clearly witnessed a case confirming Trump's guilt overwhelmingly and irrefutably. Unfortunately, it's difficult to convict a defendant when nearly half the jury consists of his enablers. Those who voted to acquit will carry that stain with them forever and should be judged accordingly by generations to come.

This trial was not only about Donald Trump, it was about the kind of government and country we want. But in the midst of this disgraceful acquittal, I do see light for our nation. By voting Trump out of office in November, the American people have rejected further chaos and division and are ready to do the hard work required to get our nation back on track.