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Congresswoman Kelly Condemns Trump's Trade War

April 5, 2018

Congresswoman Robin Kelly released this statement regarding newly announced Chinese tariffs against U.S. agricultural products and President Trump's escalating trade war:

"President Trump's misguided and ill-conceived trade war with China and other nations will have a massive and negative impact on Illinois farmers and rural communities.

In particular, two newly announced Chinese tariffs will dynamically impact Illinois pork producers and soybean growers. Illinois is home to more than 40,000 soybean growers and 2,000 pork producers. These new tariffs, which are a direct result of President Trump's flawed rhetoric and policies, will cripple farmers who are already struggling under record-low commodity prices.

Instead of working to empower and grow rural communities and farming families, the President's policies are at risk of killing their livelihood and ending Illinois' rich family farming tradition.

I will keep fighting for Illinois farmers and will continue working to expand opportunities for them to bring their products to market without burdensome foreign tariffs."