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Voice of the People: Trade war an impending disaster

May 21, 2018

The recent article entitled "We're ‘bullseye' in trade wars" details the real threat that Kankakee farmers are under from President Trump's misguided and ill-conceived trade war.

If the president continues to pursue his current course of dangerous action, the underpinning of Kankakee's and Illinois' economy will fall away.

In the two days following President Trump's threat and China's retaliatory threat, Illinois' soybean growers and pork producers lost $380 million in market value. These massive losses occurred in a mere 48 hours based on the threat of a trade war. Imagine how terribly President Trump's actual trade war will be for Kankakee farmers.

Following these threats, my office began hearing from farmers about the immediate and negative impacts they experienced.

We are home to a proud family farming tradition that dates back hundreds of years and continues today with more than 40,000 soybean growers, 2,000 pork producers and others growing corn, wheat and other staples.

While we cannot allow any nation to violate international trade standards, risking a trade war with one of our largest trading partners is simply bad policy. Instead, we should use our resources to ensure farmers can bring their goods to the global market without burdensome tariffs.

It's clear that this policy is bad for local farmers, for Kankakee and for Illinois.

Robin Kelly, U.S. Representative, 2nd District

Read the original at the Kankakee Daily Journal.