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Congresswoman Robin Kelly

Representing the 2nd District of Illinois


“You [Speaker Ryan] must investigate the Russian grip on our government,” demands Congresswoman Robin Kelly from the House Floor

Apr 4, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Robin Kelly spoke on the House Floor demanding accountability and action from Congress in investigating President Trump’s ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin:

“Mr. Speaker, it pains me to come to this Chamber this morning to say that nothing was done as our democracy came under attack.

We know Russia intervened in our presidential election - this was not done in the interest of the people, by the people or for the people of America.

It was done to make America a vehicle for Russian interests.

You know that in 2016, President Trump said he “hoped” Russia would hack our former Secretary of State’s emails.

You know General Michael Flynn was forced to resign due to his unreported contact with Russian agents who he also had business ties to.

Yesterday, you learned that the President had a contractor meet with Russian officials on his behalf to have a back channel to the Kremlin.

Where is the transparency from the White House?

How is it that ‘Meals on Wheels’ is the enemy, but you turn a blind eye to an attack on Democracy by Vladimir Putin?

Russian spies have long attacked American businesses; now they are attacking our freedom.

You must investigate the Russian grip on our government.  We must investigate swiftly and seriously.  Mr. Speaker, this is your watch.”

Notes: Congresswoman Robin Kelly is a member of the Congressional investigative committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Europe, Eurasian and Emerging Threats subcommittee.


Robin Kelly



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