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“Trump Shutdown Prevents Us from Attracting Quality IT Talent,” says Congresswoman Robin Kelly

Jan 9, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Robin Kelly, the most recent Ranking Member of the IT subcommittee, released this statement concerning the Trump Shutdown and great need for attracting IT workers to the federal government to meet the current and future unmet need:

“Today marks Day 19 of the Trump Shutdown. This immoral and unnecessary government shutdown, caused because of a Presidential temper tantum and not a legislative failing, will have massive short-term impacts with more than 800,000 federal workers either furloughed or working without pay.

In the long term, this Trump Shutdown will also make it more difficult for the government to attract and maintain the high-quality IT workforce needed to delivery 21st century government services.

Time and time again, our subcommittee discussed how the government simply cannot compete on salary when it comes to recruiting talent. Instead, we hope that IT workers will see government service as service to their nation and fellow Americans.

However, this shutdown, caused by one man and his ego, creates deep uncertainty that will ripple through the economy and labor market for years to come.

How can we ever hope to recruit or maintain IT talent when hardworking government workers are told: ‘sorry, you aren’t getting paid, but you still need to come to work’ or ‘sorry, but no paycheck this week because of politics?’ Large private sector companies never say this to their employees and these are our competitors when it comes to IT talent recruitment.

It’s past time to end this immoral, unnecessary and deeply vain Trump Shutdown so federal workers can get back to work and government can get back to the People’s business. I’m proud to join House Democrats in passing funding bills for departments shuttered by the Trump Shutdown.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell should do the right thing and call a vote on these bills. After 19 days, it’s time to end the Trump Shutdown.”


Robin Kelly



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