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Congresswoman Robin Kelly

Representing the 2nd District of Illinois


Congresswoman Kelly Speaks Out on Trump Administration Lies Regarding Jobs in the African American Community

Aug 16, 2018
Press Release

Matteson, IL – Congresswoman Robin Kelly released this statement following Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lying to the press and American people about President Donald J. Trump’s track record of creating jobs in the African American community:

“Yet again, this Administration showed that it’s willing to say anything to save face. It has lied about jobs numbers, it’s lied about the President’s approval rating, and it’s even lied about crowd sizes. They continue to show that they are willing to say anything and everything, without regard for facts, reality, photographic evidence or the truth. According to the Washington Post, the President has told more than 4,200 lies or misleading statements since becoming President. American families deserve better.

Press Secretary Sanders only reversed course on her untrue jobs statement after journalists, many of whom work for African American-focused outlets, caught her in the lie. At the same time, this Administration and the President continue to call the press ‘the enemy of the American people’ because they do not want any scrutiny for their outlandish actions and comments.

The sad truth is this President has demonstrated that he is most inclined to engage the African American community when it is in the service of political division, to his political advantage or to undermine the Obama presidency.

We all know that President Obama was one of the greatest ‘Jobs President’ in recent memory. When he took the oath of office, African American unemployment was 12.7 percent, following a disastrous financial crisis. When he left office, African American unemployment was down to 7.8 percent. Within those five percentage points are millions of American families who found jobs and started working again, thanks to President Obama and his economic leadership.

Conversely, when it comes to real issues facing real families, like expanding affordable healthcare, increasing job training, preventing gun violence, and protecting our hard won right to vote, President Trump’s policies run contrary to the priorities of communities of color.”

 NOTE: Congresswoman Kelly is the author of the recently released Kelly Report on the New American Dream. This Congressional report examines the current state of the American Dream and sets forward policy recommendations to help all families achieve and live their American Dream.



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