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Constituent Spotlight: Norman Davis

Sep 3, 2013
Constituent Spotlight

Hero believes his presence at the scene of an accident was no accident

Norman Davis
Norman Davis doesn’t believe in coincidence.
Davis was on his way home from work at about 7:30 a.m. when a horrific accident unfolded right in front of him. A semi he was following on Illinois Route 1 slammed into a farm tractor as it was turning left, two miles south of Hoopeston in Kankakee County. The tractor was shoved into a concrete bridge railing and burst into flames. The driver was on fire from the flammable hydrous ammonia that the semi was carrying.
Davis jumped out of his car, ran over to the woman and patted her down with his bare hands.
“She was a human torch,” said Davis, a resident of Pembroke Township who works as a guard at the Danville Correctional Center. “I talked to her to keep her from going into shock.”
He then turned and noticed that the driver of the semi had been thrown from his truck and was sprawled in the middle of the highway.  Davis ran over and carried him to the side of the road.
Next he noticed the semi’s cabin door was open and a hand was hanging out. He ran over and found a nearly unconscious woman unable to move.
“I picked her up in my arms. When I was carrying her away, the cabin went up in flames. I got her away just in time.”
Davis, an ordained minister, believes his presence at the scene of the accident was no accident.
“God put me in a certain place at a certain time. It all came together. God doesn’t just throw you into a situation. He prepares you for it—like Moses.”
Dave has even authored a book titled “Born for God’s Purpose.” He wrote the book to caution people that they need to get their values and priorities in order and refocus their efforts on the family.
“There’s too much emphasis on monetary gain instead of sitting down and giving children direction,” he said. “There’s too much greed and self-gain and not enough of loving one another.
Compassion is the key to everything. You’re not going to kill me or steal from me if you love me.”
Davis and his wife are the parents of two adult children. His daughter Antoinette holds a degree in nursing. His son Norman is a veteran of the Iraq War and a Purple Heart recipient who currently works as a supply supervisor for a St. Louis hospital.  
“He was wounded twice and I’m just grateful he came home whole,” Davis said.
“I had three angels: Freeman Hawkins, Reverend Rhymes and Jesse White. I’m still in contact with Freeman Hawkins—he’s always there for me. Reverend Rhymes was my Bible teacher and first minister. Jesse White was my gymnastic teacher, my wresting coach and fourth grade teacher. He was my hero because he spent time with me. He showed me I could do anything I set my mind to do. A lot of children prevailed because of him.”
Davis, who is set to retire in March of 2014, said his purpose now is to work with children in his neighborhood and mentor them, just like he was mentored growing up in Cabrini-Green.

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